We provide Organizational and Personal Effectiveness solutions and/or consultants to significantly increase commitment and results in the workplace. Our learning instruments and solutions are innovative and experiential in style and are focused at both Japanese and Western corporations in Japan, thus also allowing success in the multicultural and international workplace.


These programs dramatically increase each participant's personal and organizational effectiveness. They provide the ability to consciously choose purpose that will motivate and lead members of the work group and will foster high levels of personal commitment and team performance; generate a bright, positive and compelling vision of the future; provide clarity and the ability to prioritize tasks effectively and generate commitment to goals; and create clarity of vision individually and as a group to provide the anchor for aligning tasks in the most efficient manner. VISIONARY LEADERSHIP


In the workplace, each person is different in how they think, approach, and solve problems, which could be major factors influencing organizational productivity improvement. The DiSC® profiles we use in the programs are designed to optimize your effective communication and reduce interpersonal frustrations. COMMUNICATION


We offer Coaching programs for your HR development. These programs maximize the motivation of the person trained and help with goal achievement, as well as enhancing and improving the necessary interpersonal skills. COACHING


Diversity issues in the workplace vary; they are related to not only gender, but also generation or corporate culture, etc. Talking about gdifferencesh is effective in lowering the barriers posed by diversity issues. DiSC profiles provide you with learning opportunities to understand the difference in motivation and in desire of each person, thus enabling acceptance and valuing of other people. DIVERSITY


By using DiSC, you can improve your process of recruiting people, determining the 4 basic personality styles of the candidates, identifying their motivating factors and developing an action plan to attract them. RECRUITING


Employee retention is key to a successful organization. Reduce your employee turnover and management costs by improving employee motivation as well as job satisfaction. RETENTION


As a salesperson have you ever felt uncomfortable relating to a specific client, but not understood why? If you could feel comfortable at any time with any client, how would you feel?
By using DiSC, you can identify how to adapt to effectively communicate with your customer or client, and understand your own sales style and client's needs, thereby increasing client receptivity and sales results.


We all face a daily dilemma: too much to do and not enough time to do it. Time management concerns how we resolve that dilemma.
Time management is really self-management and habits are the key to good time management. The first step may be to identify your habits and then LEARN NEW, MORE APPROPRIATE HABITS!


Successful team members don't do the same thing at the same time. They do the right thing at the right time. This program helps you identify your most natural team role and optimize your contribution to the team, thus building an innovative team in your organization! TEAM INNOVATION


These programs are designed to be a high involvement learning experience to increase the understanding and cooperation of people from different cultures who work in an international environment, through a dialogue covering business and cross-cultural issues. These include topics such as management, human resources, leadership, decision making practices, business development and negotiation skills acceptable in a cross-cultural environment. CROSS CULTURE


OASiOrganizational Alignment Surveyj
Organizational Alignment Survey measures the degree of alignment between the organization and its customers, and the employees and the organization.