Terms and Conditions

All Wileyfs product content which HRD, Inc. handles is copyrighted material.
HRD, Inc. was appointed as the partner of John Wiley & Sons products in Japan and one of the strategic business partners by Wiley in 1993.
Any of Wiley's copyrighted product content must never be copied, modified, reproduced, or translated without written permission from Wiley. For requests regarding any and all rights and permissions related to Wiley materials and before proceeding with any modifications, quotations or exploitation of rights, please follow the steps outlined in Permission Guidelines (in Japanese).
Your Partnership Agreement grants you permission to use marketing copy from our website, catalog, and other marketing materials which may be incorporated into your own materials, provided you properly reference Wiley. Further information is detailed on our Partnersf Page (in Japanese and login needed).
For further questions about Terms and Conditions please refer to our FAQ (in Japanese). If you are unable to find an answer, please contact us.